July 25

What “Capacity?” The Post-ACA International v. FCC Landscape

What “Capacity?” The Post-<em>ACA International v. FCC</em> Landscape

What constitutes an automatic telephone dialing system under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act ? As statutorily defined, an ATDS is “equipment which has the capacity (A) to store or produce telephone numbers to be called, using a random or sequential number generator; and (B) to dial such numbers.”

June 1

Another Post-Howell Damages Consideration: The “Uninsured” Plaintiff

In Pebley, the court was confronted with yet another post-Howell question. More specifically, it was confronted with an insured plaintiff who chose to treat with doctors and medical facility providers outside his insurance plan. The court held that such a plaintiff shall be considered uninsured, as opposed to insured, for the purpose of determining economic damages.

April 24

B3SL Makes Statement with Holiday Card

B3SL Makes Statement with Holiday Card

Law firms, by their very nature, are a bastion of tradition. They conjure up images of wood-paneled offices, libraries stacked to the ceiling with precedent-packed tomes, and a calm, conservative tone in their communications.
Much of that tradition carries on at the law firm of Berman, Berman, Berman, Schneider & Lowary LLP (B3SL). But the firm also prides itself on being “surprisingly different,” breaking out of that traditional legal box in a wide variety of ways. In recent years, that’s involved being surprisingly different in the holiday cards it sends to clients and friends.

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